• Image of Your Photo Edited and Glitched by Effie Dee

I'll use a series of different fun apps and software to edit any photo you send me and then glitch it!

For your $20 you'll receive at least two sticker edits of your photos and a minimum of 200 glitches. plus any outtakes or editing layers as I make them.
you'll be emailed a download link to the google drive folder containing all your images, and will have seven days to download them.

I use a large collection of apps and bots to help me make glitches and edits and I also love to feature my edits in my quarterly zine and on my instagram. When you are purchasing let me know if you don't consent to your images being used on my public accounts in any of the following:

if you would NOT like to be featured on effiedee.com or in my PlasticScene art zine please also let me know.
I only identify the edits in my zine by first name, but features on instagram and twitter can be tagged with your username if you would like.


One Selfie - $20
You provide one photo of you (or a friend) that you really like
You'll receive 2 edits and 200 glitches

Photo Collage - $25
You provide up to 10 photos (3-5 works best)
You'll receive 2 edited collages and 200 glitches