• Image of Susie Clouds stamp sets

Designed by artist Effie Dee and graphic designer Virginia McLeod, these two sets of clear stamps are made with versatility in mind.
The Pattern Blocks set of stamps was developed with each shape having equal side lengths, meaning you can tesselate these patterns to make endless repeats and simple, easy and bold graphic mandalas. Perfect for background papers, wrapping papers, card making and as a GREAT geometry game for kids. The shapes in this set fit together easily with little forethought and using them is a soothing process much like colouring in.

The Modular Floral stamp set is similarly designed for versatility. The graphic shapes we created are ideal for layering on top of each other to create detailed floral prints and motifs. These have also successfully been used to create insects, other botanicals patterns and even ocean creatures. Because this set is designed to be layered they're a really good way to use up ink pads that are getting a little old and translucent.

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Remember that all clear stamps require some kind of acrylic stamping block to use.
We have our own acrylic stamping block, with an isometric grid etched onto the reverse side, for easier alignment.
Susie Clouds clear stamps will work with any acrylic block, and our acrylic block will work with any other brand of clear stamps.

For best care stamp off any excess ink immediately after use and between changing colours. If stamps receive heavy use wash them every few months in warm slightly soapy water and leave to air dry. Towel drying and paper towel drying will leave small fibres on the surface of the stamp and reduce it's ability to print cleanly and adhere to both backing films and acrylic blocks.